Friday, October 30, 2009

Dental Check up

Dental Check Up for all Pupils

Month of Rosary

Elementary Pupils-praying Rosary at the School Groto

Praying Rosary at the School Groto (Pre-schoolers)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Enrollment is going on!!!

Course Offers: Pre-school and Elementary Grades One to Four
Nursery 3-4 yrs old, Kinder 5 yrs old, Prep 6 yrs old

Requirement for Enrollment:
  • Birth Certificate - Photo copy only
  • Baptismal Certificate- Photo copy only
  • Marriage Contract - Photo copy only
  • side 2x2 picture 2 pcs
  • Report Card / Form 137 for the transferee
  • Character Recommendation from the previous school

For more detail, pls. contact Sr. Ma. Goretti Dau Nyoi, SJA call or text with the following numbers.

Telephone: 387-37-25 or 935-80-27

CP # 0915-4218-235

Address: 18, Bangkal St., Amparo Village,

Novaliches, 1425 Caloocan City


Email: / /


Our Core Curriculum:

Value Education

Our Medium Language:


All the Classrooms are


10% discount for Cash, payable untill the end of June

20% discount for the First Honor Pupils of previous year

Tuition may pay either monthly or quaterly based

with FREE Installment fee

Friday, September 11, 2009


Our pupils bring their own offerings and offer them during the offertory

We sing the "Our Father" prayer together

Receiving Holy Communion

Class hour

Birthday Party of Student

The Pogi Grade 4 pupils

Performing the dance in the Church on every Third Sunday of the Month

playing time


Sharing personal prayers and wishes

Celebrating the Feast of St. Emilie

Thursday, September 10, 2009

SJA Sisters in Philippines

All the SJA Sisters in Philippines together with our Superior General and her counselors. Some are students, some are novices and others are the missionaries.

Graduation Day

Graduation Batch of 2008-2009

Recognition for the Elementary Pupils

SJA Sisters join during the Graduation

The acheivement of our little children, parents and teachers and of the School

Holy Cross Parish Church-School Choir

St. Emilie Learning Center Choir

Offertory of the Emilians in Holy Cross Parish Church

We participate in the Holy Cross Parish by sponsoring the Mass at every third Sunday of the Month at 8:00 A.M Mass.. We offer the offerings and have liturgical Dance.

First Communion of Grade Three Pupils

We prepare the grade three pupils for the First Communion

Christmas Party

Nursery Pupils' Performance

Grade One Pupils' presentation

Grade Three Pupils in action
Christmas Party with children and Parents

Educational Field Trip

Educational Field Trip (yearly in November)


Mr. & Ms. UN of 2009 (Elementary)

United Nations Day - Oct. 30, 2009

United Nation Day

School Foudation Day & Linggo Ng Wika

Nursery Pupils

Kindergarten Pupils

Preparatory Pupils

Grade One Pupils

Grade Two Pupils

Grade Three Pupils

Grade Four Pupils

School Foundation Day and Linggo ng Wika
We celebrate yearly School Foundation Day together with Linggo Ng Wika on Aug. 24 or the rearest day of the week. Every class present the diffrent Filipino culture dance and songs up to modern dance or Top Hit.
We beggin with Holy 'Eucharistic Mass, veiwing the exhibit which are the works of the children in different subject like their project in C.L.E, Science and Math etc.. followed by the program presentations of the pupils.
After all, we end with the sharing the food together which are contributed by our parents.

Nutrition Day

We celebrate the Nutrition Day on every July. the Pupils brougt the good according to the food groups: Go Food, Glow Food and Grow Food

and they are explained by Science Teacher and Christian Living Education Teacher to thank God for the food that He is giving us everyday through our parents.

The Product of St.Emilie Learning Center

We have produced:
14 pupils in the school year of 2006-2007,
29 Pupils in the school year of 2007-2008,
46 pupils in 2008-2009.
60 Pupils are now enrolled in this school year.

Holy Spirit Mass & First Friday Mass

We begin the School Year yearly with the Holy Spirit Mass and have First Friday Mass monthly throughout the year.